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Thinkster vs Kumon. An Insider’s Perspective

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  1. lidia says:

    i wonder if you are a dedicated instructor Kumon, you dont know anything about Kumon (like many others). maybe because you valued children as money.profit not to help them.
    in my experience as a 14 years as Instructor, only kumon provides small steps where students are able to achieve beyond grade level , which will make them more confidence because Kumon students do know first before others dont. That’s why we should encourage them (depend on their abilities and needs) until they reach calculus before entering to high school. my experience was totally different with yours. I’m proud as partner with Kumon methode , I can help many student even they are slow learner which school abandoned them and i have many proofs , they were changing, they love math even at high school and also love to learn anything because Kumon and me! I my self surprised and proud of them. All of work hard, tears and laugh until they completed Kumon, we had been through together and can not pay or replace with money!
    You should know that Math its self , builds our brain in thinking PATTERNS (not for school has many kind math problems) . The higher math abilities (able to do calculus rather algebra or aritmath ) will make “us or children” work more and more efficiently instead of work hard, until they grow up

    1. Caroline Mukisa says:

      As the author of this blog post, I agree that strong math skills, including the building of patterns are essential to helping solve real world problems and not just math problems. At least in the US and in the UK Kumon as a company tend to value business experience over teaching experience. I was one of the few UK franchisees to hold a teaching degree (from the University of Cambridge). Tabtor is a great solution for families looking for a program that covers the full breadth of the curriculum(including word and logic problems) and that combines tutor support with the advances that today’s technology brings.

      Kind regards,

      Caroline Mukisa

  2. Dian says:

    Thanks for the great guide

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